Nursery Rhymes
14 Brand NEW Activities You'll Adore!

The 10 Main Activities included are...

Mary Had A Little Lamb
Press any key on the keyboard and Mary jumps around the screen, and of course everywhere that Mary goes the lamb is sure to go! Click the mouse and the school bus drives by.

Humpty Dumpty
Tapping the keys makes Humpty rock back and forth (think "weebles"). Keep pressing to make him fall all the way over and see a bonus surprise!

Hickory Dickory Dock
This one has 3 levels! Tap the keys to see the mice run out and up the clock, keep tapping and the clock opens and mice appear at different locations inside. The final reward has all of the mice running out of the clock and away at the same time. Lots of fun!!

Twinkle Twinkle Llittle Star
Tap the keys to see shooting stars flay across the screen! Drag the mouse around to make stars all over the screen.

Hush Little Baby
Press the keys makes the cash register buttons press and a picture appear in the window. Keep pressing to make the drawer open and coins fly out. The mouse is a hand and baby can move it around and click on the cash register buttons with the hand to activate them.

Jack & Jill
This is the first of our multi-mode activities - it has both a baby-mode and a toddler-mode. Tap the keys to watch Jack & Jill climb the hill. Keep tapping to watch them fill buckets of water, and eventually your key taps make the chicken squawk and get bigger. Move the mouse and the hot air balloon follows, click the mouse button to make balloons in the sky float by.

Little Miss Muffett
Another activity with baby-mode and toddler-mode, as well as 3 levels of rewards. All for just pressing any key! Tap the keys to watch Miss Muffet eat, then the spider appears and she jumps around, eventually running away. Really silly and entertaining! Click the mouse to make the mushroom heads fly up into the air.

London Bridge
Includes baby-mode and toddler-mode. Three levels of rewards - tap the keys to make cars and buses drive by. Keep pressing to make the bridge begin to tumble down until it falls into the water. More presses make boats drive by until the final reward - the bridge springs back to life and reappears! Mouse clicks make clouds appear and float by.

Baa Baa Black Sheep
One of our favorites! Really really funny! Press the keys to make the lambs cross the screen to the farmer, he shaves them super-fast, wool flies in the air, and the naked lamb runs off the screen embarassed. Press the keys enough times and the farmer does a little dance!

Three levels of rewards entertain in this one also. Press any key and the birds fly up into the air, keep pressing and the cradles begin to rock. Press another key and the branches begin to break. But don't worry, as each breaks a bird flies over and catches each cradle. After all the branches have broken, from keys presses, the birds fly the cradles over to a new tree. Babies love the birdies, and they get all of those rewards just for tapping any key on the keyboard!

Yes! Additional Bonus Activities Also Included!
There are 4 new bonus activities, for a total of 14 activities in Nursery Rhymes.

The 4 bonus activities are more Nursery Rhymes that function just like hte activities above - press any key and fun things happen on the screen. The activities include: Pop Goes The Weasel, Pat-A-Cake, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Row Row Row Your Boat.