My Musical World
16 Brand NEW Activities You'll Adore!













The 10 Main Activities included are...

Press any key on the keyboard to play the musical instrument. Choose from 9 different musical instruments to play. You'll see it animate and hear how it sounds! This is really 9 activities inside of just one! Children will be playing actual music notes on these instruments and can learn to actually play songs!

Another 9 sub-activities here! In this one pressing any key plays the percussion instrument. Drums, cymbals, cow bell, congas - 9 different percussion instruments to choose from in all!

Barbershop DooWopBarbershop DooWop
In Play Mode, pressing the keys makes fun things happen in the barbershop. In Music mode, the barbershop doowop quartet pops up and sings a fun song for your little one.

Oppsy OrchestraOopsy Orchestra
Tap the keys to see silly things happen to your animal friends in the orchestra in Play Mode. In Music Mode, press the keys and the characters will actually play their instruments correctly. Tons of fun!

Jumpin' JukeboxJumpin' Jukebox
In Play mode, press any key to make the objects on the table bounce around and pop up. Change to Music Mode and you zoom into the jukebox and see the animal characters doing different solos on their rock 'n roll instruments.

Note By NoteNote By Note
In Play Mode, key presses make the silly music note characters pop up on the screen. Switch over to Music Mode and key presses play actual music notes and you will see those notes on a real music staff! Little ones get to see what music looks like when it is written real-time as they play it with their key presses!

Giggles Marching BandGiggles Marching Band
In Play Mode, key presses make the animated characters march and do really silly things. In Music Mode, the characters stop marching and they play their instruments correctly when you press the keys.

Piano PeepersPiano Peepers
In Play Mode, pressing the keys makes the fun little peeper characters pop up from under the keys on the big piano. In Music Mode, the piano becomes a real piano and pressing the computeer keys will play the actual keys on the piano. Learn the key layout and you can play actual songs on this fully functional piano with high-quality piano sound!

Music Of The DayMusic Of The Day
In Play Mode, pressing keys makes fun things happen that could be considered "music" heard during the day - birds chirping, dogs barking, etc. In Music Mode, we zoom in to the tropical island and the animated characters play their steel drums in the steel drum band whenever you press the keys.

Music Of The NightMusic Of The Night
In Play Mode, pressing the keys will make the super-fun frogs jump up into the window and make silly sounds. Babies LOVE this activity. In Music Mode, pressing the keys will play the music box in the bedroom and the adorable characters go to sleep.

Yes! Additional Bonus Activities Also Included!
There are 4 new bonus activities, and 2 full music videos, for a total of 16 activities in My Musical World.

The 4 bonus activities function just like the activities above - press any key and fun things happen on the screen. The activities include:

DJ Flopsy Fresh
press keys to make him "scratch" on the turntables

Rockstar Flopsy
- press keys to see his MANY rockstar personas

One Man Band
- press keys to make Flopsy play all the instruments

Organ Grinder
- press keys to make the monkeys jump out

There is also 2 full music videos in the Bonus Section:
Little Toy Trains
Little Toy Trains
Land Of Make Believe
Land Of Make Believe

They are adorable and babies will just love them!